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Yvonne Erwin, CEO/Owner of YARD CARD, LLC. has been passionate for creativity since her early years with party and event planning for family and friends. Her passion has always been a side-endeavor, while she pursued advanced degrees in Statistical Analysis and International Marketing. Her education has taken her through a successful 17 year pharmaceutical career supporting multi-billion dollar sales and marketing teams. She has continued to make events and celebrations come to fruition with her natural gift to deliver on the customers vision. With her expertise in marketing and event planning, she developed YARD CARD, LLC to bring smiles and life to events and celebrations. YARD CARD, LLC is one way she is gaining exposure into the retail market and looks forward to “Staking A Statement” in yards across the globe! Yvonne is a leader, creator, visionary for enhancing special moments and this is only the beginning for YARD CARD, LLC.

YARD CARD, LLC looks forward to assisting your business with skipping the card to decorate the yard! Please send us an email or give us a call with questions or suggestions on our next product to develop!



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