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YARD CARD® Policies and Instructions

  1. We are excited we have launched our retail line of YARD CARD, LLC greetings for all events and celebrations.
  2. Payment is required upon order via website www.stakeastatement.com or through calling 888-970-9319.
  3. Consumer orders typically take 4 business days for standard shipping. Shipping cost based on zip code.
  4. Pricing is subject to change at wholesaler discretion.
  5. WHOLESALE ORDERS - please contact info@stakeastatement.com  or 888-970-9319 for wholesale pricing and ordering options

Instructions for Use

  1. Carefully remove contents from packaging (letters, symbols, and stakes)
  2. Insert a single metal stake into a letter or symbol that is contained within in the package; extra stakes

    included, if needed. Use caution when opening the stakes as they have sharp points and can cause injury.

  3. Insert each letter or symbol into a semi-soft material - grass, dirt, or sand (NOT intended for synthetic grass,concrete or wood surfaces). Position letters and symbols into the desired lay-out. Get creative, make it fun for your celebration!

  4. Discard any packaging that may cause harm or injury to children, infants or pets.

  5. Enjoy your celebration and don't forget to take celebration photos with your YARD CARD! Share and post photos #yardcard and submit your testimonial for our website!

  6. Remove after celebration and store in cool, dry place for future use. Use caution when removing from ground and ensure all stakes are collected and safely stored. Note: Keep the box for storage!

  7. Product contents are made from corrugated cardboard that is sealed for water-resistance, to be stored, reused and recycled.

  8. Product contents colors may slightly vary to external package colors
  9. Questions or assistance please call 888-970-9319 or email info@stakeastatement.com.

By placing an order with YARD CARD, LLC you agree to all policies stated above. YARD CARD, LLC is a licensed and insured entity. 

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